100 years
of know-how

Le Lit National (The National Bed) is above all a culture. Arising from a long family history, the business has always maintained both its identity and authenticity. Our values rest upon the loving work of our craftsmen and women who ensure your every nocturnal need.

1909 • Foundation date

François Péjaudier, born in 1885, is the founder of Lit National. Son of minor corn farmers, he became an orphan at the age of 15. Having left education before secondary school, Péjaudier heads to the capital and becomes an apprentice in the bedding section at Pygmalion. That inspired him and led him to the path of success with the foundation of his own company in 1909.

1920 • The invention of Lit National

In the wake of World War One trench warfare, the military medal and the return to peace, followed by efforts towards national reconstruction, Péjaudier visualises and takes out a patent for the name of “Le Lit National”. It’s at that time that Le Lit National also serves as the name for a model made of copper.

1924 • National bedding factories

In 1924, a number of sizable workshops open at 7 rue Baudin in the town of Pré-Saint-Gervais, situated in the northeastern outskirts of Paris. Geared towards the future and the path of progress, they are known as the “modern electric plant”.

1934 • The legion of honour

After ten years of work, his achievements are recognized. In 1934, François Péjaudier, who directs eight shops (including the one at Trocadéro in Paris, opened in 1928), is made chevalier of the legion of honour. He celebrates the occasion by inviting all his employees to Normandy for a festive Sunday outing.

1939 • World War two : the dark years

Economic depression, war, occupation, the imprisonment of his son and the death of the founder himself, François Péjaudier, in 1941 leave Le Lit National slowly ticking over while waiting for better days.

1945 • The resurgence

When Péjaudier’s son George is freed, he immediately gets down to work. In ten years, he renews his father’s company roots and focuses on quality side of the product, transforming Le Lit National into a top-end bedding reference. Between cosiness, nocturnal comfort and conviviality, the family business is reborn.

1958 • The Duo-Rêve invention

“Sleeping together, separately”. The arrival of the Duo-Rêve has the effect of a mini revolution. Being the latest symbol of Le Lit National, the bed combines a custom-made product with independent comfort and increased dimensions.

1964 • The new workshops of Pré-Saint-Gervais

In line with the company’s growth, new workshops are built at 7 rue Baudin where the very best skilled workers (carpenters, upholsterers, quilt-makers and seamstresses) pass on their irreplaceable know-how.

80's • 89 avenue Kléber

Faithful to top-end bedding, Le Lit National grows and adapts. As such, a new, more contemporary, store opens at 89 avenue Kléber in the 16th arrondissement of Paris. Top-of-the-range bedding therefore becomes “Your nocturnal haute couture. Because in a bedroom, one does not only sleep”.

21st Century • The adventure continues

In 1993, the third generation took over the management of the firm : at first Hervé Péjaudier, followed by his sister Christine. Eager to carry on the century-old savoir-faire, Christine believes in innovation and starts creating healthy beds notably through her responsible approach in terms of ecology. The fourth generation already starts to show up - the succession is provided !

Papier à lettre - 1923

The big commercial - 1923

Trocadéro grand opening- 1928